Andre varer / Andre instrumenter og apparater.

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CellCura Lab Solution: Consist of one ERM…

cellcura lab solution:
consist of one erm station and one icsi…

CellCura Lab Solution: Consist of one ERM station and one ICSI station including workflow software to track the oocyte and embryos from ovum pickup to the transfer of the embryo including cryos preservation and thawing.

The ERM module is designed for Oocyte recovery and Dish preparation. The module including digital optical solution displaying the oocyte and embryos on a 26 screen including 3 individual presets, laminar flow class 2 grade A, 3 independent controlled and logged heated surfaces, image capture, utensil tracking, dish temperature measurement, sample verification, build in barcode scanners for track and trace, RFID for access control.

The ICSI Module is designed for ICSI procedure, embryo evaluation. The module includes a digital microscope with contrast enhancement, integrated micromanipulators, controlled and logged heated surface, image capture and ZStack capture, morphological presentation, utensil tracking, sample verification, testicular biopsy recovery, build in barcode scanners for container tracking, RFID for access control.

The workflow software includes work list, procedure logging, evaluation parameters, container and utensil tracking, workstation surveillance, ejaculate tracking, serology infection status, cryopreservation and incubator, access control.