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The Teebrewer is best described as a disposable…

The Teebrewer is best described as a disposable teapot. Inside the pouch is a filter with 8-12 g of tea in different variants.

To prepare 3 cups of tea, all you need is to open it, pour 400ml hot water into it., and let it steep 4-6 min.

The Teabrewer is a combined tea steeping system based on a stand up pouch. The single materials which are used for the production are: - PP coated Paper Laminates for outer sides - PP film for the filtermaterial of the tea - PP/PE film laminate for the bottom of the pouch - CPP pour spout to open the pouch - PE(PP coated) zipper system, to close the filled pouch - Paper based labels on front- and backside The production of the pouch runs on a fully automatic form, fill and seal machine.

All components of the pouch are provided as single films and are step by step processed by the system to the already finished pouch.

At least, 8-12 g of tea filled in the pouch, finish's the Teabrewer. Gross weight of the pouch: 32 g Tea weigt: 8-12 g Value approx: euro pouch, share of tea 0,14 euro This one contains rooibos.

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