• 9905000000 10: Certain goods, as provided for in Council Regulation (EC) No 1186/2009 (Import and Export)
  • - 9905000000 80: Personal property belonging to natural persons transferring their normal place of residence
  • - 9919000000 80: The following goods, other than those mentioned above: - Trousseaux and household effects belonging to a person transferring his or her normal place of residence on the occasion of his or her marriage; personal property acquired by inheritance; - School outfits, educational materials and related household effects; - Coffins containing bodies, funerary urns containing the ashes of deceased persons and ornamental funerary articles; - Goods for charitable or philanthropic organisations and goods for the benefit of disaster victims.
  • 9930000000 80 (3/0) : Goods delivered to vessels and aircraft
  • 9931000000 80 (3/0) : Goods delivered for the crew of the offshore installation or for the operation of the engines, machines and other equipment of the offshore installation
  • 9950000000 80: Code used only in trading of goods between Member States for individual transactions whose value is less than € 200 and for reporting residual products in some cases