Other / Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous minerals, crude.

A crude oil obtained from bituminous minerals.…

A crude oil obtained from bituminous minerals. A heavy crude is extracted from the earth and follows an upgrading route which transforms the crude into a light sweet crude making it easily processable in refineries.

The final product is then produced by blending back 20% of the vacuum residue into the sweet crude.

The oil is used for bitumen production and has a API Gravity (liquid faction only) of 25.6, a specific gravity at 60F of 0.9007, a sulphur content of 1.18% weight, and pour point of 5 F.

Classification justification: Classification is determined by the interpretation of general rules 1 and 6 of the combined nomenclature and the terms of heading 2709,

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National keywords: PETROLEUM OILS